Thursday, December 22, 2016

My First Blog Post

Hey, this is Vera. I am now a sophomore in High School. As a high school student, I am probably just right above average, meaning I am smart enough to take those AP and honors classes but not smart enough to maintain a solid A. (My grades are around 87 - 93... see...). Well, as the result, I tried to look up tips that will help me improve my grades and study effectively. I am actually quite a researcher. I guess this is probably the only talent I have, haha. I found a website called CollegeInfoGeek, and it was incredibly helpful. The blogger really opened my eyes with his Impossible List, making me question myself if I am challenging myself every way possible. His website inspires me to write a blog of my own; it makes me realize that there are so many things out there that are waiting for me to do. I want to stand out, and I want to challenge myself so I can reach my fullest potential. These are the reasons why I am starting this blog today.

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